All our coaches are DBS checked.


Petites Team Manager and Coach

Hi, I am Sarah, coach of Penketh Panthers Petites.  

In 2015,  Clair asked if my daughter would be interested in joining a new netball club she was going to start.  The club quickly grew and Clair needed more adults so I volunteered to help, first as her assistant, then as coach.


I loved Netball in primary school and it's great to be involved again as an adult. The club is lovely group of people to work with, I'm proud to be part of it, helping it grow from one team to first two and now four.    I really enjoy working with the children, watching them work hard and grow as a team, having fun and making new friends. 



Cubs Team Manager and Coach

Hello my name is Jo and I’m the Penketh Panther Cubs coach.  I have played netball since primary school and I still am, although I’m not as quick as I used to be!  I have a great passion for netball as it enables people with varied abilities to be able to come together, get fit and build lifelong friendships.


With my daughter coming along to watch me play matches she was quickly building up an interest for the sport and wanted to be able to play too.  I was aware my niece played locally and enjoyed the training sessions and games with the club, so I knew my daughter would feel at ease with her presence.  After a little chat we went along to a training session and since then we haven’t looked back. 


With my netball background I was asked by the committee to become a coach of the younger girls and now I’m working towards my level 2 coaching qualification.  Coaching the Cubs is great!  I look forward to seeing the children and watching them develop life time skills that hopefully one day they will look back on and say “Jo taught me that!”.     



Claws Team Manager and Coach

My name is Clair and I am the Founder Member of Penketh Panthers Netball Club. I founded the club in 2014 when I was looking for a club for my daughter, but I soon found that there was no provision for netball in the Penketh and Sankey area of Warrington. Along with other sports, I played netball at school and clubs as a child and I continued playing through into adult life. I became a fully qualified Physical Education teacher in 1996 and I have been teaching PE or coaching at the club ever since. I love the feeling of being part of a team that netball has given me which is what I wanted my daughter and the rest of the members of the club to experience. 


My current responsibilities in Penketh Panthers are to coach the secondary school aged players along with Vic; we emphasise fitness and fairplay through our training sessions as much as developing netball skills. In addition, I manage the ‘Claws’ team for their Sunday matches. I have attended regular coaching officiating courses throughout my career and continue to do so for the benefit of all of our athletes.


I am so proud of what Penketh Panthers have achieved so far as a club, not just because of the progress of the teams but more importantly we have created lasting friendships in a wonderful netballing community where everyone is welcome.


Safeguarding Officer,

Panthers and Black Panthers Team Manager and Coach

My name is Victoria and I am the Safeguarding Officer for Penketh Panthers. I became involved with the club when I was looking for a hobby for my two girls (now teenagers). I played netball at school and really enjoyed it, so I carried on playing through college and university. I made some of my ‘forever friends’ through the game, so I thought that netball would be perfect for my girls. They had tried all sorts of clubs and activities previously, but never really stuck at anything. The difference with the Panthers is that the emphasis is on friendship, fun, fitness and fairplay, and that makes such a difference.  My girls loved the training sessions, but they also made a whole new circle of friends out of school. I soon became more involved and started helping out at training sessions. I then began stepping in as a team coach and I am now responsible for the two older teams. It is really rewarding: I get a lot of out of it but most importantly, my daughters and I have found something that we all love and we can do together. Penketh Panthers is a great netball club that puts the players first and it’s a pleasure to be part of it.

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