Kit can be purchased from O'Neills by following the link below and is available for home delivery.


All items come with the Penketh Panthers logo and can be personalised.


If you have any suggestions for items you would like to see in the kit shop please speak to a coach or member of the committee.


Thank you.



For Training


Players are expected to wear their Panthers Training T-shirt or vest top with the club logo, black leggings or black tracksuit bottoms, and suitable footwear.


 For Matches


FIrst and foremost, please be 'Netball Ready' with hair tied back,  nails cut short and no jewellery.


Primary school age should wear the club vest top featuring the club logo, black shorts or skirt and appropriate footwear.


Years 7+ wear a netball dress (currently purchased direct from the club), black shorts to be worn underneath and appropriate footwear.



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